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Donation receipts are available, and may be deductible on your taxes as we are a 501(c)(3)!
Every penny makes a difference!

Shop here, items are shipped directly to us!

Ways to donate without spending any extra:

Kroger Rewards

Make a memorial contribution to honor your lost pet...

Losing a pet is so hard...  They are such big parts of our families and memories, and losing them creates a huge hole in our lives. Leave a Memorial Donation to honor your lost pet -- and help another animal in need with your contribution.  A $100 donation will memorialize your pet on our Rainbow Bridge Memorial Wall, with name and years included on your pet's photo.

To leave a memorial donation, click on the donation method of your choice and be sure to leave a note in comments as to your loved one. Email a photo to us: with your name, pet's name and your pet's years on this earth.

Noahs Paws Rainbow Bridge 2.jpg


Reason: abandoned bottle babies are EXPENSIVE!

Babies like these are found with no mom all too often -- found sitting beside moms who have been hit by cars or worse.  With bottle babies come LOTS of expenses -- kitten milk is pricey, and we are providing food for them for a LONG time, on top of the usual vetting and spay/neuter that the adoption fee normally covers.  These babies are sweet & oh so snuggly...

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